Who is this course for

Graphics professionals using Adobe InDesign, who need an essential understanding of workflow process using InCopy with an emphasis on real-world issues and collaborative editorial production.

We also recommend this course for those planning to obtain the Adobe Certified Expert status at a later stage in their development.

Assumed Knowledge

Graphic professionals who are already experienced in Adobe InDesign or have taken the Academy Class Indesign 101 class and want more in-depth knowledge of the application and the management of complex documents.

What you will learn

Advanced knowledge of how to work with InDesign.

• Create complex documents for a range screen and print
• Utilise image features to enhance your layouts and workflow
• Create and apply advanced text formatting techniques
• Create interactive documents
• Import and format tables
• Take the ACA exam


Advanced document and layout features

  • Creating foldouts with Page re-shuffle
  • Using page tool techniques to create custom formats
  • Working with layers and layer options

Images and graphics

  • Managing content using the Content Conveyor tool
  • Re-linking edited images
  • Extracting image information
  • Adjusting PSD import options
  • Adding effects

Advanced Type management

  • Inserting anchored objects and Inline graphics
  • Adding type to vector paths
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Applying paragraph rules
  • Modifying paragraph style options
  • Creating bulleted and numbered lists
  • Setting up text flow import options
  • Adding footnotes
  • Creating story jumps

Advanced drawing techniques

  • Working with the Pen tool and shortcuts
  • Creating compound paths
  • Using the Pathfinder window


  • Creating tables
  • Importing tables from Excel and Word
  • Styling tables and cells
  • Add rows and columns
  • Split and merge

Interactive publications

  • Creating bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Inserting URL and email links
  • Placing buttons
  • Creating a slideshow
  • Placing movies
  • Adding sounds files
  • Creating a basic animation


  • Exporting files for different media
  • Editing PDF presets
  • Saving and organising files
  • Transparency flattening options
  • Customising Preflight settings

ACA Prep

  • Using copyrighted material
  • Identify design project requirements and deliverable
  • Establish the purpose and needs for your target audience
  • Mock exam
  • Final exam

Course details

Evening class duration Weekend class duration Weekday class duration Course level
6 Intermediate - Green Belt - 201

How to book

Simply select your start date from below and pay online to book your course.

If you are joining us during a weekday class then the lessons begin at 09:30 and finish at 16:30. This class will run for weeks.
If you are joining us during an evening class then the lessons begin at 18:00 and finish at 21:00 each week. This class will run for 6 weeks.
If you are joining us during a weekend class then the class starts at 10:00 and will finish at 17:00 each week. This class will run for weeks.